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Juicing Recipes to Lose Weight Welcome to our juicing recipes to lose weight website. Lots of people do not care for the taste of vegetables and so they end up not eating any. By juicing the vegetables, you are still getting the benefit from their vitamins and minerals.

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Health Benefit from Drinking Beet Juice

Health Benefit from Drinking Beet JuiceThere are a variety of different colored beets that include red, yellow and white. If you want to get a much of the nutrients as possible from this vegetable try making juice instead of eating them whole. You will get a lot of health benefits from drinking your beets. A lot of people find it... Read More »

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Review

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor ReviewThe Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer is the right choice for the health-conscious individual who want greater variety in their juicing. It employs a low speed masticating technology for minimal heat build-up and oxidation and provides juice that is richer in healthy enzymes and vitamins. Aicok Slow Masticating  Juicer Features This masticating juicer extracts more vitamins,... Read More »

Juicing with Non-Organic Product Could Mean a Pesticide Cocktail

Juicing with Non-Organic Product Could Mean a Pesticide CocktailHere is an warning for people who are poisoning themselves by juicing with non-organic produce and don’t even know it. STOP what you are doing and think for a minute about how juicing really works. Juicing is an extraction technology that pulls liquids and nutrients out of fresh produce such as apples, carrots, celery and greens. Most pesticides... Read More »

Juicing and Smoothie Recipes and Tips

Juicing and Smoothie Recipes and TipsThis is the most comprehensive guide available today for the juicing and smoothie beginner or expert! Over 275 recipes based on the latest research to fight disease, improve sex, boost memory, delay aging and so much more. You’ll discover the power of fresh juice and smoothies with recipes proven to help heal your illnesses. You’ll learn to:... Read More »

Master Cleanse System Review

Master Cleanse System ReviewThe Master Cleanse has been labeled the lemonade diet. It has also been recently known as the maple syrup diet. The cleanse was invented in the earlier half of the twentieth century but it didn’t turn out to be popular until the beginning of the twenty first century when A-list celebrities started using it. We... Read More »

Before Sleeping, Have This Drink and Say Goodbye to The Fat

Before Sleeping, Have This Drink and Say Goodbye to The FatIf you are having difficulties in burning that stubborn belly fat, don’t worry, nothing is wrong with you and you are not genetically cursed. You don’t have to do special exercises or give up on carbohydrates. Or, if you wonder do you eat the right food – that’s not it, sugar isn’t the problem. But... Read More »

Healthy Detox Tips That Are Easy

Healthy Detox Tips That Are EasyOne of the most important parts in the body is the liver. With a healthy detox, the organ will work better to filter out the chemicals and toxins that you ingest in your foods and drinks. Whether or not you smoke, drink, get into an accident and ingest some chemicals and pesticides, the liver will... Read More »

The Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

The Benefits of Wheatgrass JuiceWhat are the benefits of wheatgrass juice? One of the main reasons for juicing wheatgrass is to get a great source of living chlorophyll which is a pigment in plants containing magnesium. Wheatgrass is full of vitamins and nutrients. When you drink fresh wheatgrass juice you are getting fresh nutrients that will be immediately absorbed... Read More »

The Benefits of Juice Cleansing

The Benefits of Juice CleansingWith the help of certain fruit juices it is possible to detoxify the body. You will receive more mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. It is also possible to feel more energized as the body has been given some time to rest and rejuvenate. As a result you can have healthier looking skin and more energy. Whether... Read More »

Glass Water Bottles for Your Fresh Juices

Glass Water Bottles for Your Fresh JuicesDo you love drinking a range of super fresh juices, but often find most containers leech chemicals and odours? Rather than plastic containers, would you like a set of premium, easily cleaned, air tight glass water bottles for water and juices? Glass Water Bottles Features Set of chef’s quality bottles, perfect for storing fresh juices for cooking and... Read More »