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Glass Water Bottles for Your Fresh Juices

Do you love drinking a range of super fresh juices, but often find most containers leech chemicals and odours? Rather than plastic containers, would you like a set of premium, easily cleaned, air tight glass water bottles for water and juices?

Glass Water Bottles Features

  • Set of chef’s quality bottles, perfect for storing fresh juices for cooking and everyday healthy drinks
  • Manufactured from BPA free glass that won’t leech chemicals or toxins
  • Can be easily filled, with an extra wide neck
  • Ideal for storing fresh juices with a slim, refrigerator friendly size
  • They come with durable, leak resistant stainless steel caps
  • Also have convenient carrying loops for everyday use
  • Includes 6 bottles each holding a super-sized 18 ounces

Glass Water Bottles Description

Each glass water bottle holds a generous 18 ounces. This makes them perfect for storing fresh fruit and vegetable juices for cooking and drinking. They are designed with a slim size for easy refrigerator storage. Together with a wide neck for easy filling and cleaning they have a super secure, air tight stainless lid with carrying strap!

What we Liked Most about the Glass Water Bottles

Not only do they look fabulous, but the water doesn’t have that plastic taste or smell that you get with other water bottles.  As well they are just the right size for smoothies and juices.

These bottles hold 18 ounces, which is a good amount to hold for the day, or to have on your desk. The lids seal nicely and do not leak and the opening is big enough to add some ice.

What we Did Not Like about the Glass Water Bottles

We can’t say that it is a complaint but perhaps a warning. Do not put these bottles in the freezer as they tend to crack. Also, they are not made for hot beverages.

Glass Water Bottles Order Link: Bottles with Stainless Steel Caps and Carrying Loops

More about the Glass Water Bottles

Glass water bottlesThese bottles are great for making a bunch of smoothies and leaving them in the fridge for everyone. Grab one in the morning on the way to work or for a quick snack.

The glass itself is sturdy and thick and the design is simple and sleek.

The water stays cold as long as you would expect for a glass bottle.

There are sleeves available for a better grip since the glass will get slippery when it has a cold drink or has been in the refrigerator.

The lid is great because the underside that is inserted into the bottle is also stainless steel, insuring practically zero contact between the liquid and any plastic.

The attached carrying loop is of a durable quality and a coordinating silvery color.

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