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Juicing with Non-Organic Product Could Mean a Pesticide Cocktail

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Here is an warning for people who are poisoning themselves by juicing with non-organic produce and don’t even know it. STOP what you are doing and think for a minute about how juicing really works. Juicing is an extraction technology that pulls liquids and nutrients out of fresh produce such as apples, carrots, celery..

Master Cleanse System Review

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The Master Cleanse has been labeled the lemonade diet. It has also been recently known as the maple syrup diet. The cleanse was invented in the earlier half of the twentieth century but it didn’t turn out to be popular until the beginning of the twenty first century when A-list celebrities..

Before Sleeping, Have This Drink and Say Goodbye to The Fat

If you are having difficulties in burning that stubborn belly fat, don’t worry, nothing is wrong with you and you are not genetically cursed. You don’t have to do special exercises or give up on carbohydrates. Or, if you wonder do you eat the right food – that’s not it, sugar..

Cleanse the Body with Juice

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If you have trouble with your thyroid gland then you know how that can affect your weight. Some people find that they gain weight while others find that they have a hard time maintaining their weight. This problem might be relieved when you cleanse the body with juice. Your thyroid gland is..

Juice Fasting Ideas

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Juice fasting doesn’t have to be something to fear. In fact you might find it to be a very empowering experience. Juice Fasting Tips Start with a plan. You will first want to decide how long you are going to do a juice fast. You can start with a 3 day..