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Wheat Grass Juice

Wheat GrassWheat grass juice is the king of juices. There are so many different nutrients packed in these little blades.

Wheat grass has a lot of living chlorophyll but you need to be able to extract it from the wheat grass and drink it fresh in order to get the benefits.

Chlorophyll is an important blood builder and since it absorbs sunlight it uses its energy to synthesize carbohydrates. It is said to be the source of all life.

Wheat grass is said to be a superior detoxification agent and a quick energy source. It contains the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and dozens of trace elements and enzymes.

The main myth is the green juicing doesn’t work to lose weight or to detox a body. The truth is greens are the earths most nutritious plant and that eating greens is the best way to lose weight but drinking them is normally ten times better.

Learn more by viewing the video below.

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